What is SEO ? and why it is important for website

what is SEO ? and why it is important for website






SEO is a method to increase the traffic of your site  and  get organic traffic to the site and it also increases the quality and quantity of website to get a higher rank on SERP

SEO  is a short term used for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. Search engine optimization is the process of increasing traffic to your website through organic search results. If you want to increase quality traffic then SEO should be a part of your marketing efforts. 

SEO means search engine optimization.you can optimize your blog post and CONTENT of the website and made backlink on the basic google algorithms to get a higher rank on SERP (search engine ranking pages )


How the search Engine Works

To understand how a search engine ranks a website we should first understand what a search engine is. A search engine is a computer program that helps to find relevant results to a keyword search. A search engine uses bots to rank the websites.

Everybody on the internet who has a website wants to rank well in search engine results. Every search engine uses some kind of Algorithm to rank the website. We need to understand the algorithm to know how the search engine works. The process of ranking by a search engine is known as ‘Indexing’.

 The most relevant content to the keyword search will be shown at the top of organic results. The search engine also considers the quality of content and no.of backlinks attached from external websites. There are two factors affecting the ranking of a website -on-page factors and off-page factors.

What is SEO & type of SEO

It means to optimize the website and improve the content quality to make it more relevant and accessible. Some of the activities are keyword research, technical auditing, onsite optimization, user experience. However,they are many activities included in SEO.There are 2 types of SEO and 3 types of technique to do SEO

  1. Off-page SEO
  2. On-page SEO

  Off-page SEO

off page seo

In off page SEO, you can take awareness and referral traffic to your site from another website.

It refers to those activities which are carried outside the website to improve organic visibility. It often refers to ‘link building’s which mainly refers to links as much as reputable links to the website. Links with more popularity and relevance give more value to another website than just

There are some methods to take awareness and traffic to your site again link juice

1. RSS feed

2. Article making

3. Directory submission press release

4 Social media

5.Social bookmarking

6. Blog/forum submission

7.Blog/forum posting

Things you have to  keep in mind  if you are making links from other sites

1. Your page  URL should be keyword rich  and short in size  having the focus keyword in URL page URL will help you

2. Make external links of your site,  if your website has 5 different blog posts and connects with one other then it will help your website to get link juice.  and when crawler scans the  website then the link will also scan and get + point to your site

3. Made backlinks from authority pages that will help you to get a higher rank on search engine result page they pass link juice to your website. make backlinks on high domain authority websites.

4.Use tools like SEMRUSH, AHREF that will help you to find where the opponent sites made backlinks. you can also make high or good quality  backlinks from their backlink  websites

5. While making backlinks of the site you have to track links so it can’t create  any problems and scam links for a website

Made backlinks of your site is a very powerful method to gain traffic because by crawling their sites they also scan your website links and you will get  plus (+)point  for your site in SEO

Make high authority backlinks that will help the website to increase ranking and DA of your site

If your website CONTENTdesign and all other things that are matching  to  Google algorithms so  google   rank your website on top but there are more than 200 plus algorithms no one knows what that is

How does SEO work

Google and other search engines show their results based upon relevance and authority of pages to provide the best answer to the query searched. Google uses more than 200 factors to rank the website and SEO include technical and creative activities. So SEO just involves that a website is accessible.

 Google has a large team that evaluates search results. Google search quality rater guidelines can give a lot of information about what Google classifies as high or low content. Google uses a hyperlink to calculate the authority of a page or a website. Relevant and popular websites are might be a signal for Google that its users might be interested in it.

 On-page SEO

on page seo

On- page SEO is not about to just optimizing your meta tags, in on-page SEO you have to optimize blog post correct grammar mistakes make a beautiful blog that attracts the user.

Things that mainly uses to optimize on-page SEO:

. Don’t do keyword stuffing in content, the density of the keywords in your content should be 1 to 3%

. Content is very powerful for your site. analyze opponent keyword and make content on that that will help your site to grow fast.

. On writing a post write first heading always in h1 tag, h1 is the main heading of your article or blog post,  this can be your focus keyword. H1 is the most important tag.

Then uses the h2 tag. , this is a subheading tag, you should contain a similar keyword to your h1 tag.

H1 and h2 tag you use 1 time.   h3, h4, h5, and h6 are the tags you can use many times as  you want

<h1 <h2 <h3 <h4 <h5 <h6

. You have to write a catchy headline to attract visitor on your website and good quality of content

Image Optimization:

. Optimize your website images with alt tag and put the keywords in alt tags of images that will help google crawler (spider)  to easily understand what photo it is and what this is related to? this also takes traffic to your website

Google, bing, yahoo, and many other search engines don’t scan photos on your website.if you want to scan your images you have to put the keywords in the alt tag you can use the tools to see are most high ranking keywords of their sites.  you can also use that keyword in your website.

.By optimize your opponent strategy and have good google algorithms in designing or also in content. so google will increase your rank

.If your website content design and all other things that are matching  to  Google algorithms so  google   rank your website on top but there are more than 200 plus algorithms no one knows what that is

      Techniques to  do SEO

  1. White hat SEO
  2. Black hat SEO
  3. Grey hat SEO

White hat SEO:

white hat seo

in white hat SEO optimize your website based on the proper algorithms of Google. and work on site is relevant backlinks write pure and relevant content.

white hat SEO is completely legal, white hat SEO is a long term process and legal process that is SEO friendly

white hat SEO use by those people who want to take their website in the long term and invest more time on their website

To do white hat SEO you have to do

1. Do proper keyword research, find the long tail keywords and relevant low competition keyword for your website.you can copy your competitors’ keyword to get a higher rank on SERP. you can find keywords by google search console is a good and free tool.

2.  on writing a long article many keywords put in it. on writing a long content must know that is this also readable for users .if the user experience is good and bounce rate is less then it will help you to get a higher rank on SERP.

This is a method for getting a higher rank on SERP, In this, you have to understand the opponent strategy

 Black hat SEO:

Black hat SEO is an illegal method. black  hat SEO is a type of work that we do hide from google, it’s completely against google algorithms   and illegal

There are some methods to do black hat SEO

1. keyword stuffing

2. Cloaking

3. Invisible text

4. Doorway pages

5. Articles spinning

6. Guest post spam

7. Buying links

8. Having links on toxic sites

9. Social network spam

These are some methods used in black hat SEO. black hat SEO is highly risk taking method

.As time, google change their algorithms and Google is very smart they easily detect black hat SEO techniques

 Grey hat SEO:

Grey hat SEO is a method to improve your search result or help in to increase your website ranking

You can understand from the name “grey hats SEO ”  this comes in between white hat and grey hat because the white hat is pure white and legal and black hat is illegal.

Some grey hat is not white its just shade of black  hat SEO, grey hat SEO is a risky method  to use

 Some method for doing a grey hat SEO :

1. Use same anchor text in all anchor text

2. Use multiple h1 tags on a page

3.Duplicate content

4.Automated content creation

5.False content

6.Spam in social media

7.Buying links

8.Buying positive reviews

9.Negative SEO

These are some factor or method that uses in grey hat SEO

 Role of Google in SEO

. Google algorithms more prefer sites that have more traffic more people come on websites.  and they have good backlinks.

.Google gives more value to that website that has good user experience, and lower bounce rate, bounce rate is also a factor that googles like. the less bounce rate you get, the more Google likes your site.

.  Google cares about your website speed, if your site takes  more time to load, that out negative effect  on user and search engine  also

. If your website content design and all other things that are matching  to  Google algorithms so  google   rank your website on top but there are more than 200 plus algorithms no one knows what that is

Importance and management of keyword in our post

keyword for seo

The keyword is an important factor  sometimes it grows some confusion on how to write more article and how we increase ranking

 So there is an example:

There are thousands of keyword in a website you can’t make a whole different page for every keyword. you can’t do keyword stuffing, most people just write the content and wish to rank  keywords in the content but it doesn’t work

 So here  is the solution:

You can divide all the keywords, suppose you have mobile phones site you can make a different category  for every different company and every different brand of mobile and link  all websites to one another so you can create different pages for  every different keyword

     Why SEO is important

seo is important

SEO is a big source to get organic traffic and relevant people to your site  this  really help you to get the people on site  who want to read on your topic  or relevant niche

Things that help you to write good content:

Your content is the king and the product is queen. search relevant niche and write relevant or SEO friendly content on the site  to help  Google easily understand  what you really wrote and who you want to target

Some SEO tactics:

seo tactics

.To increase backlinks and inbound links of the website  you can promote it this is an SEO tactic

.You need to know how people search on google and what they really want . they search on google to get their problems to solve or to buy something to know something .there are more websites on that topic you just have to analyze the keyword strategy to get the right people and right traffic to your website

. Do off-page SEO on those sites in which your competitors made backlinks that will help you to get a higher rank from competitors website.

. You can make your meta tags and meta description catchy, when it shows on  SERP it looks attractive and sends traffic to your site

. If your website is on WordPress then install the plugin Yoast SEO  that will help you to optimize your blog post

.  The web design quality should be high and polished to make it appealing to the reader. pages you make in your website and photos you upload on your site must be friendly for every device.

SEO involves creative activities which include ‘Onsite SEO’ and ‘Offsite SEO’. These sites require expertise often as individual skill sets. The other option is to hire a professional. 

Onsite SEO refers to improve organic visibility of a website.

. Decrease your loading time, this will increase your user experience and lower the bounce rate of your website


SEO is a very wise thing to understand. because there are many topics in it, after some time we also post the articles on every single topic in search engine optimization.

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