What is Paralysis? and what are some home Remedies for Paralysis?

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Disease Introduction, Symptoms and Causes:-

In this, the parts of one side of the body – the hand of one side of the foot of one side, or the half tongue of one side or the half face of one side or the other side of one side, or the like, would be unjustly invaded by the unjustified attack. That is, the patient cannot move or lift the diseased organ as he wishes.

The rheumatic disease leaves the patient on the bed. Excess air (gas) in the stomach and non-release (going from the gum), etc. by pressing or beating the brain air (increased pressure of air on the heart) and when it is not removed, a sudden air blow blood When the operation is planned properly, the patient disarms and becomes a victim of paralysis or injury. This disease is counted in a complex disease under rheumatic diseases.


When a highly enraged air is received in the downward, oblique (oblique) and upward arteries on one side, that air separates the arthropods from the other side from their centers of motion and kills the side, which is called paralysis. Whose half of the body becomes indolent and unconscious, it remains on the patient suffering from Vata or gives up his life. The paralysis caused only by the raging of the wind is excruciating. That which is caused by air is practicable, and that which is caused by fury due to metallicity, it is incurable.


The component in which paralysis is occurring, its nerves begin to relax. That part bursts, there is tingling and sometimes there can be a pain. The emptiness begins to be felt. Tactile knowledge begins to feel inferior. There is an ant moving in that organ. Malavaptambha and shraadhanash, blood claims and memory disorders arise. FACIAL PARALYSIS: It is a disease of the lower part of the body. In this, the activity of the limbs and organs below the lumbar region is destroyed. Diplegia is a disease occurring in the whole body. This is the opinion of Sushruta.


In this disease, the power of only one organ is also seen, whether that organ is right or left. When the whole side (half) is ambushed, then it is called antagonism. When a form of Vata favors a form of half of a limb, it is called Ardhaga Vata or Paralysis (Hemiplegia). It is called monkey disease or monopoly.


There are many distinctions towards aggression as well, such as writer-paralysis – finger or thumb gets under attack in this stage, this disease happens to those who do continuous writing work. Similarly, typist, painter, compositor, tailor (hand-needle workers, ruffians, weavers, the band was, etc.) are the victims of this. First, there is a spasm in the fingers and pain occurs, then the fingers become dysfunctional. She becomes

Some classical yoga that is useful in paralysis:- 

paralysis remedies

Maharaj Prasarini Tel- (Proven and supreme in all Vata diseases).

Poisonous oil – In rheumatism there is a pain in any part of the body. Massage this oil with light hands.

Narayana oil- This oil is used in paralysis, ardit, handstamps, carnival, Kamar Dard, parthul, karnashul, gradharasi, dryness of any part of the body, lameness. Do it in ears, feeding, and giving.

Malla Sindoor – It is particularly useful in Architect Paralysis. Quantity 60 to 120 mg. Use honey in the morning and evening.

Khanjikari Ras- It is especially useful in Ardit, Khandwat, and chronic paralysis. It has also been seen to be beneficial in paralysis of 15-20 years old (only this juice has been given in end-use pharmaceuticals, as well as a practical treatment method has been given. Give 1-2 tablets daily in the morning with milk.

Rasraj rasa- is beneficial in paralysis, Karnaad, Shiro delusions and Adit, and Unnatural, Obstructive. Quantity – 250 mg Give it with honey or cow milk.

Pakshaghatari- Suvarna Sameer Pannag, Rasraj Khanjikarni (All 125-125mg) (is a quantity) Lick with honey and give a dash from above. Beneficial in all types of paralysis.

Vata Kulantak Ras – Vata is a disease destroyer. It is also useful in hoarseness, apnea, convulsions, and hysteria. Quantity 250 mg Give it in the morning in the morning with Brahmi decoction.

Large Vata Chintamani Ras- This juice is a good muscle for the heart and brain. Vata kapha is destructive and rationalization. There is a panacea in all kinds of gout. Quantity -125 mg Give 3-4 times a day with honey as necessary.

Vishmushtaavaleh – This avaleh is especially beneficial in all types of Vata, especially paralysis, cutaneous, chronic rheumatism, and ardit. Uttam Digestor is Deepan, Rasayana, Vajikar, and Balakkar. Give 3 grams of milk.

Note- Lubrication should be done to the patient of paralysis (for the purpose of making the stomach clear without torsion)


After vomiting, give yush, sago, roasted porridge and milk in small quantities for 3-4 days. Do not give anything other than Yush a day after purgation (clean the stomach). Give the polenta on the second day. Give oatmeal on the third day, then give bread etc. Just as the patient of paralysis needs lubrication, perspiration, vomiting, purgation and colony, similarly, diet also has an important place.

Vatnashartham conspiracy point oil is useful. Massage (abhyang) of the diseased organs of the patient with these kammo so that the blood flow (flow) in them can bring consciousness quickly and can relieve muscle dysfunction. Where massages (massage) have been done, foment (bake) it by the balls of that ingredient. This also increases blood circulation and enlightens muscles.


Paralysis destroyer major patent totals – Paralysis destroyer major patent totals: –

paralysis remedies

Give 1 to 2 pints of milk 2 times a day as per the requirement

Vata Kantak Capsul (Mishra) 1-2 Cap. 2-3 warts or as required.

Mahawat Demolition List (GA Mishra, Siddhi) Paralysis Listing (Bundelkhand) Waratavidar Listwise (Mishra) Kuchala Listed (Siddhi, Bundelkhand) Tapikar List (List) (Pratap) Vatahar List List (Mishra) Water List -2 ml Use daily or as per muscle.


Home remedies that Destroyed paralysis

Using decoction, asafetida and black salt together with decoction, paralyzing disease is eliminated. (Tested.)

Grind finely crushed and black pepper, grind them finely and then add them to the kharl and mix them with water after half-a-minute, make half-a-day pills and dry them in the shade and keep one tablet every morning and every morning for a few days using the pan Paralysis is destroyed.

Grind one spoonful of black pepper and mix it in a panful oil and cook it on fire, wrapping this oil thinly, the disease is absolutely necessary. Make this paste only at the time of use (oil) and apply it warmly (Kunkuna) only, it is tested.

Grind equal parts of acorn leaves, dry ginger and horn of sambar with water, then apply it. Rheumatism, rheumatism, paralysis, fallacy, scarring and rat poison are destroyed by applying it. Is tested

Grind the seeds of butterfly (bitter gourd) and apply it, paralysis will be destroyed.

Grind mustard 6 Masha, Akarakara 6 Masha finely and mix in honey and rub it on the tongue 3-4 times a day. This will give you the power to taste and the speech will be pure and saliva falling from the mouth will also stop gradually.

Note: – The reality is that there is no satisfactory treatment of this disease. Benefit is achieved by the use of heat or massage and by blood-circulating drugs. Always massage the affected limb, as much as possible exercise (excursion etc.) and do whatever you can easily, do that exercise. Stop feeding the patient with salt, spices, tea, coffee, narcotics and fried things. This is inedible.

Feed the juicy fruits of the season more intensively. Milk, curd, whey, liquid jaggery, fenugreek song, lettuce, wheat flour containing dry fruits and fresh fruits, and green vegetables are dietary. Do not let the patient become weak. Offer strong medicines. In this way, 100% of the patients get cured.

These are some major classic yoga that will help you to get rid of paralysis :

Ras- Malla Sindoor, Suvarna Sameer Pannag, Sameer Pannag, Panchsut, Siddha Makardhwaj, Navagrahi Shiroraj Bhrishan, Rasraj Ras, Trilokya Chintamani Ras, Chintamani Chaturmukh Ras, Vr. Vata Chintamani Rasa, Chaturbhaja Rasa, Smriti Sagar Rasa, Ekang Veer Rasa, Aadhang Vatari, Ashta Murti Rasayana, Swachand Bhairav ​​Rasa, Vr. Lakshmi Vilas Ras, Vata Kulantak Ras, Vr. Vata Gujakush Ras, Vr. Use Vargeshwar Ras with proper amount and supplement according to the strength.

Bhasma – Use of asbestos bhasma, raupya bhasma, golden makshik bhasma, iron ash, etc. is beneficial.

Use of Vati – Vatahar Vati, Agni Tundi Vati, Brahmi Vati, Vishtinduk Vati etc. are very beneficial.

Iron – Tapeyadi Iron 125-375 mg Ardhrak Swaras + are very useful for blood coagulation in an acute stage with honey.

Guggul- Use Yograj Guggul, Mahayoga Raj Guggul, Trayodashang Guggul, Kishore Guggul, Sinhanad Guggul, etc. with proper proportions.

Quoth- Use the Maha Rasnadi Vavath, Mashabaladi Kavath, Rasna Saptak Kavath, Dashamool Kavath, Mahamanjisthadi Kvath, Piplaladi Kvath, etc.

Asava / Arishta – 10-20 ml of Dashmularishta, Balarishta, Ashwagandharishta, Draksharishta, etc. Mix equal parts of water and use it after meals.

Pak / Avleh – Use Rasonpind, Arnd Pak, Amrit Bhallatak, Ashwagandha Pak, Majoon Kuchala, Brahma Rasayana etc.

Oil – Math oil, Maharaj Prasarini oil, Mahanarayan oil, Mahalaxmi Narayan oil, Vr. Adequate use of Vishnu oil, Sandhwadi oil, Mahavishgarbha oil, etc., as and when required, is beneficial for the use of epilepsy.

Paralytic Patient Disease Chart: –

Vatari Vati (Dhanvantari work. And Rajavvadyya Sheetal Prasad), Rumalaya Tablet (Himalaya Drug) R.V. Compound (Alarsine) Rimanil (Charak) Rume Tikal (Martand) Aerator Cap. (Garga Banau.) Watari Cap. (Pankaj) Watroga Har Cap, (Jwala Age. Bhavan) Rasna Ghansattva Tablet and Cap. (Garg Banaushadhi Bhandar, Vijaygarh, Aligarh), etc. 1-2 should be used thrice a day with water or milk.

Listed list of crushed Listed (Siddhi) Bundelkhand, Paracillin (Bundelkhand) Paralysis Para (AVS Research) Vataun (Siddhi Pharmacy, Lalitpur) Marutashi Listed (Marchand Pharmaceuticals Barot, Meerut), etc. 1-2 ml. Use as needed in muscle.

Paralysis home remedies :

  • Grind 30 grams each of black gram, black pepper, 10 grams mint, kalajira, nigella and 10 grams each and grind them and mix them in 250 grams of honey and keep it as a Leh. Lick 4-4 grams of it in the morning and evening.
  • Mixing 2 to 6 grams of Sajjikkhar in eight times brisk hot water and giving it to the patient for several days is beneficial.
  • Cook 200 grams of Sambhal leaves in 3 kg of water. In case of strong steam coming out, the patient should perform the sedation by laying the above-mentioned steam (medicine) in a wide vessel under the cot by laying it on the bedstead and laying blankets. Bake is necessary at the victim location. With this use, paralysis causes special benefit in just 10 days.
  • Make a fine powder by taking flax seeds. Mix 15 grams of this powder with honey and lick it twice a day for 21 days, it provides relief in paralysis.
  • Take the remaining 70 grams, 25 grams of sooth, 25 grams of black salt and mix all the fine powder in 350 grams of honey. Its volume is 4 grams. In the morning, do the experiment. Is beneficial.

Conclusion :

So, From That, you will learn how you can easily cure and take care of paralysis in your bad situations from the knowledge we give to you take care of your health and keep in connect with us.

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