What is GPT-3 by OpenAi, and how it will affect the content writers

Well, we all know that the artificial Intelligence is booming in today’s world. It is getting more and more advanced each and every day. It is making things easier for us to do, like a few years back, we couldn’t evn think of the things that we are using now. Technology keeps getting advanced as the time passes by

So, what we are gonna talk about today is called Gpt-3. It is an API developed by one of the most advanced research companies in the World, which is OpenAI. There have been several models of this before also such as GPT-2 and others, but this time, it has done something that was never expected

This api can do a lot more than just simple tasks. It can convert anything you write in the form of a code, and a lot more things

And let’s come to the point, that how it is gonna affect the future of Content writers. We all know that content writing is a quite bigger and thousands of people are working in it and due to the high demand of content. Content is the king of the market. We are living in a very digital age.

Well, this tool called gpt-3 can just do most of the things that a content writer does. In just a few commands, it can produce any form of content from an article, rap or even a poem

Yeah, you read it right. It is true, although this api is still in beta stage and not everyone has access to it. But still it is quite capable of doing these tasks. And the best part is that it can produce content better than any writer in the world. It has brought up machine learning to a whole new level, and here is a bit of advise from my side, that if you are just starting out your career in content writing, then don’t do it because this software can itself do all the tasks that a content writer does

And it might create problem for you in future. Yeah this api has even some smart functions and the results are really amazing. so that was all for now, let’s wrap this up.

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