What Is Email Marketing ? Tips & Tricks -2019


If you want to know what is email marketing and you also want to reach more people and learn email marketing so this is the best place for you.

Today I am sharing all the tactics and tips that you have used in email marketing without wasting any time let’s start it.So read the article until the end.

India people mostly talk about ads and SEO and SMM nobody more talks about email marketing but people neglect email marketing.


What Is Email Marketing? Tips & Tricks -2019


In email marketing, you collect the email and making a relationship with your customers or your clients and provide services to your client and what is email marketing?


People are using email marketing for many purposes like if you are in a college and you have many emails of students then you email them and provide information to them like same as Amazon,Flipkart and ShopClues they provide their facility products and like a new sale come on their website their send email to their customers so by that they generate traffic from that And that also helps him to increase their sales.


Some people think that email marketing is dying in 2019 but this with his wrong email marketing is growing up also 2019 email marketing growing well and in the future, there is a lot of growth in this field.


People are making good money from email marketing like companies and more influencer and entrepreneurs making money from that.


But some people buy emails from other website but this isn’t a relevant way to do this. the relevant and pure way is to collect email from your website or take it from other people’s websites these are that genuine or relevant way to do it.


Wrong Myth About This Marketing 


Some people think that Email marketing is Not for increasing the subscriber but that is properly wrong email marketing present increase your subscriber that Ban your channel or account if you do it.


  • IN our country people give more value to emails but in India, people don’t give more value to two emails.


  • Uses of email are not for gaining traffic also use for branding for san testimonials that depend upon you how you can use it it is a way to reach people.


Benefits of Email Marketing 


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  • You can also do email marketing is a different thing and email sent is a different thing benefit of email marketing is you can see how many people open the link to how many people engage with the email and how many people click on that link that the profit of email marketing. You can easily track everything from where he comes and how many leaves and rates from them.


  • I take an example like if you do $1 to send one email and the Raman you come it $50 and you gain $49 profit send then this is a much affordable and profitable thing so from our opinion email marketing is best.


How to do Email Marketing?


  • So The Question  comes in mind  that how you can use This marketing you have to make a structure for particular thing like if you are sending testimonial then there’s a different structure for it if you are standing news for sales then it different structure is different from other so providing and doing email marketing you have to to make a structure.


  • If you want to do email marketing then here is some platform to email marktng the first one is a Bieber second one is drip and in my opinion most and most usually you can use MailChimp for email marketing you can find out different type of layouts and first 2000 mail is free in monthly you can send 2000 mail free.


  • If you are a beginner in email marketing menu the first email sent in not like sale first image like happy congratulations this type of email work very well from others.


How does This marketing improve your business


To Increase your sales increase your repeat customer build your brand grant us from your website users establish authority to showcase social proof



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