What is Content Marketing ?


Content is anything which is available on the internet such as a blog, video, image, podcasts, etc. Content marketing is the creation and sharing of valuable content to attract a predefined audience. Content marketing is not about your brand, company or your service, it’s about your audience. Content marketing can be used by a business for many reasons such as the generation of leads, increasing brand awareness and to engage more people. It improves brand loyalty and helps to build trust with consumers.



Content Marketing Benefits:


Content marketing helps to identify and attract the right audience by creating content as per their interest. It is not directly related to sales but it helps to engage the right audience which might result in an increase in sales. It requires consistent delivery of relevant and valuable content.


In the digital world, content is not just a piece of text or an image. It’s far more valuable than this. People can use this to communicate with others. It can be a very powerful tool because it provides distinct value to a brand. High-quality content can bring huge traffic to your business. Content marketing helps to retain current customers as well as new customers. For example, if you follow a famous brand page on Instagram that doesn’t mean you buy products of that brand, you just followed them because you found their content engaging. This is how content marketing works.


How to do content marketing:


content marketing


Before getting into content marketing, you should plan a marketing strategy which clearly defines the interests of your audience. A good content marketing strategy will help you to engage the right audience which will increase the no.of potential customers. There are different mediums to do content marketing. Some of them are listed below:


  • Email Marketing

The purpose of email marketing is to engage and retain customers. Segmentation of the buyers should be done according to their interests and activities on the web and emails should be sent on the basis of this. Email marketing automation can help to know the preferences and interests of the audience.


  • Blogging:

Blogging plays an important role in content marketing. Blogs can be a huge source to educate your audience. Every blog post increases the no.of pages on your website which improves your ranking on the search engine. Better quality content can help you attract the right audience.


  • Webinars:

Webinars can help you to achieve many marketing goals such as providing relevant information, increasing credibility and getting the right audience. A webinar is like a live meeting or a presentation which can be viewed by your audience. A common section in webinars is the Q&A section by which users get a chance to ask questions directly with the influencer.


Insights of Content Marketing:

According to Content Marketing Institute(CMI),81% percent of the organizations reported that their marketing campaigns are focused on increasing loyalty with customers and there is a 57% rise in their market budgets as compared to before,52% of the responders use storytelling as a part of their strategy.


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