This is the best place for you to understand what really blog is ? and how will you make it in just a few minutes and publish your ideas, information, etc. on the internet .

WEB + blog = Blog . by writing a  blog can share your idea, information, knowledge, and experience on the internet .

Many people use the blog as their personal diary but now the blog is more than a dairy you can earn money from blog promote products and everything you have in your mind you just write and post it.

In the blog, you can also add images, videos, and audio for better understanding between you and your audiences.




          The body of your Blog or website is the most important. for this, your user comes to your website or blogs it contains all information, ideas, and experience you share and also put some social media and other links because if users like your content they also want to share your CONTENT.


 In the header, you put your logo, your company name and a menu that contains a home, gallery, and content of your website it is also called a navigation bar that has different things take you to where you want to go.


A slider of a website contains social media links, contain websites recent activities, contain highlights post, contain popular post and also contain subscription.


                   The footer contains related post by the article you read, contain contact us and some of also contain social media links. footer menu also contains terms & condition page and privacy policy page and copyright also

What is the purpose of a blog :

.There are many reasons for starting a blog and a strong one is business blogging in business. you really want people to buy your products for this you write blogs you on your products like how to use it and how it is helpful for you. 

.Blogs are for everyone peoples of all ages share blog every day scroll, work and earn money

.No matter what you do?  The blog is a way to share and connect with peoples.

How To Create a BLOG:


You can create your own BLOG FREE on WordPress.org or BLOGGER but, there are some rules and regulations you have to follow them

1.You can only use WordPress themes in it .

2.you can’t install any plugins in it.

3.there is no monetization in it.

4.You have to follow rules and regulations of WordPress.



To Become your OWN BOSS and have own Personal Blog or Website :

.You have to buy server and domain name from websites like GODADDY, NAMECHEAP, and BIGROCK

.But in my opinion, Namecheap is the best place to buy your server and domain name. here you can buy a cheap and best server than other websites.

.After buying the server and domain you have to install WordPress in it.

.here, a confusion creates in your mind what is the difference between WordPress.org or WordPress.com soon we publish a whole article on this.

.But now you keep in mind that wordpress.com is a better platform then WordPress.org.

.Here you can make your customized themes and install WordPress plugin or you can also install default plugins present in it.

This is a better platform to get traffic and share your idea on the internet and make business and also make money from blogging.

Bloggers want that their blog gets traffic in small time but the result of passion is sweet so if you are a blogger then write unique content and make consistency in your work.

Like if you are a blogger and put 1 or 2 articles in a day make consistency in it google likes it and get your rank higher on SERP.

TO grow your blog fast follow these steps:

bloggers tips

. Install the YOAST SEO plugin to improve your SEO point in google algorithms.

. Do SEO in your article to get a higher rank.

. If you find your written pattern it is easy to publish more blogs.

. Add an email option to get the visitor to subscribe to your blog or website for the latest updates.

. Include share options in your blog.

. Make your blog readable for users.

. Make an attractive layout.

. Post daily 1to 2 articles.

Difference between pages and posts : 


           In a blog or website pages are be like: about us, privacy policy, contact us, disclaimer all these types of things in a blog or website is known as pages.


  A new article published, or a new type of CONTENT published on your blog or website is called post. every new post you publish it shows on top of the home page.