3 Most Important Factor to get your Video Viral on Tik Tok

3 most important factors ! to get your video viral on tik tok!


Are you also want to get your video viral on tik tok? and want to famous on tik tok so this is the best place for you. 


I will tell you to what things that attract other people and make your tik tok video or profile viral. Tik tok is a way to earn money everybody wants to know how they can viral their video so let’s start.


there are most importantly 3 factors that will help you get famous and make your video or profile viral so not wasting time lets get started



3 factors to get your video viral on tik tok :


1. Having a Friend circle of Boys and Girls :



having a group of girls and boys is better for making tik tok videos it highlights the people and attracts people to these things like girlfriend boyfriend

some sound like (babu, Shona aww, baby) that’s the things people  watch more like more and your tik tok video go viral and those people who are in a relationship like

these type of videos and also make it tik tok is the trend in present time everybody who is in a relationship want to click photos make videos with search other and sometimes that videos make them a star.

in present time all have the college life and whosever went to college also have a friend circle of girls and boys they also make tik tok videos

and these things help you to get your tik video viral and also help in increasing your and your friend’s followers or likes


so basically having a friend circle of girls and boys and make tik tok video help you easy to get viral because these things attract other people using tik tok app so in my opinion if you take your friend and make tik tok ve really help you.

after all girls and boys who are in a relationship like to share these types of videos and also like to make them


the best thing of friends circle in tik tok is you can make your own sound and content very easily and make videos on them

people who have their friends circle and WhatsApp groups of any social media group they also like to share these types of friends tik tok videos ha and also like to make them


so basically you understand that why having a friend circle is more important to get viral on tik tok.


2. Having a Good Camera Quality :




whenever it talks about film or anything camera quality matters


if you are seeing the video in that camera quality most matters


on making tik tok videos all use their phones or cameras most of using a mobile phone to shoot  tok videos

and others who want high quality and editing use a camera for videos


 having a good video quality of your profile and helps your tik tok video to go viral and force to share other people 


so the question is this that why camera quality is important to see if your seeing a video at very low quality how do you feel?
and on the hand, if you are seen a video in 3d how do you feel?


some of the people using simple mp3 phone suppose buddy if have an attractive face and people don’t see your face clearly so it puts a bad impression on it

some of the people using the lens on their phone to blur their background and that is a good idea to improve your camera quality


mostly who have most popular on tik app they journey use phone like I phone x and phones xs max soo these phones cameras contain a large higher video quality

on other side people also uses DSLR for making tik tok videos so you can how the craze of tikis been increasing day by day

if you want to put a good impression on people who saw your video you have needed a good camera quality


so I suppose to understand the role of the camera in making tik tok videos.



3. Having a Colorful and good Dress :





people who are using the tik tok app and see your video firstly what did they saw? they saw your clothes the more attractive clothes you were wearing the more you attract other users to like your video and share it


there is physiology beside it the more attractive clothes-you wear the more increased chance of viral your content or video


in present there are some trends going on that like girlfriend and boyfriend wearing the same clothes too look cute attractive and to show love or cuteness put like #coupelgoals so this thing is also effective to make your video viral on tiktok


same things in the friends circle all friends wear the same shoes or same t-shirts and post like #friendship goals these things will also help you to get fame popularity and go viral


wearing the same type of clothes most people who are making tiktok with their friends wore funky clothes that also look attractive

so friends wear attractive that attract other people and force them to like your video




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so, I hope so you have understood what things are important to get your video likes to comment and  viral on tik tok


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