How to Get Famous on TIK TOK?

TIK TOK ! ( Make Every Second Count )

In the present time, tik tok is more than a social media app craze of tik tok is getting higher day by day. people also make money from the tik tok app. tik tok gives a salary to people who are famous on their app that is the main reason everyone wants to get famous on this platform.

Top 10 famous people on tik tok :

tik tok star

  1. Fisal Khan
  2. Jannat Jubair
  3. Avneet Kaur
  4. Manjul Khattar
  5. Riyaz Aly
  6. Hasnain Khan
  7. Awez Darbar
  8. Adnan Shaikh
  9. Aashika Bhatia
  10. Garima Chaurasia

All these are Indian people that are most famous on the tik tok app if you also want to get famous on tik tok.


Follow these steps to get famous on Tik Tok:


1. Look Attractive:


An attractive look attracts other people and force them to follow your account and like your video.


1 need an attractive face
2 wear attractive clothes
3 you need good expression skills
4 you need good acting skills





In the search box, you will find all trending hashtag that you have to put in your caption box

write trending #hashtag in your video caption to get your video on trend to reach more people and chances to gain more followers or more likes this is also a good method to get fame on the tik tok app (musically).


3. Go live least once in a week and also make money from live streaming :


live stream

After 1k followers, the live option will come in your tik tok app.

“Going live on tik tok is also a good idea to get fame and increase followers ongoing live stream you interact with your fans and reply to them your fans also share your live video to their friends. “

“By going live on tic tok or musically app you make money from your fans also fans who like your videos or acting they give you goodies that emoji convert into money and come in your tik tok wallet”

“Another idea for making is by promoting other products or find an advertiser you go live stream and advertise their product to those people”


4.Take Part In Challenges :


“Take part in new challenges and make videos on those challenges to get more likes or followers and get more fame”

“You will find Trending challenges in the search box from their make unique video and get higher like or followers”


5. Always think to post a unique video :


“Always thinks to post a unique content because in tik tok unique video and new content always hit create a new type of sound. and do unique then others do.”

Ree edit the trending sound to get fame on tic tok app ( musically)


6. Do more Creative :

“Be creative, makes a new sound like many sounds in #15vines create a short video that gives moral to tic tok users.”

“Make your personal sound that also helps you to get more likes or more followers”


7.Reply to each and every comment :


“Reply to each and every comment together interact with your fans and this helps you to get in touch with your fans and your fans also like it”


conclusion :

So here, like I have given you some reasons why the band Tiktok par famous one can be the reason, if you want to make your video viral, you have to be on Tick Talk aur Tik tok par famous hona hai then follow these things then Apart from this, if I talk about Tiktok, many people have been famous and many have talked in drowned jaise. Faisu khan jiski tik tok ne made his Instagram par blue tick and bhout sare all songs ke sath entry in bollywood Is done with Every time I talk, how was it like for him because of the tickets and he should help someone, but he wants to raise his voice for someone, but people are like India, they have filed a case against him that he was in the name of religion But if you are doing it like that, then you have to see whatever contact you put on the tickets because most of the download app tick talk in the world people use it, then use this listless If there is no game or time pass, it is a game of money, you are earning crores from this, you keep passing the time for the whole day, so if you too want to earn money, make Delhi and post the Delhi video. It helps in getting and will provide you with many functions as well.

Along with this, we provide live marketing service, Life is our end to people. On the part of Tiktok, we will run your ADS on Facebook, if you want to run your tickets on TIktok, then through money then we will You can also want to be on Facebook, you can run your ads everywhere on YouTube on Google, on Instagram through money, contact us, we have not given the number on our number Your Facebook Instagram from where you can contact us, connected with us for updates.

SO, Friends I that think this should help you to get more likes more followers on your tic tok account

These things really work only you just have to keep passions and work for it


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