Social Media Marketing

All of you hear about the social media platform? So I think most people hear about social media platform because our daily routine 85% of people use social media and there are more than 3.5 billion world population is on social media.


Most of the people use social media platform like Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Twitter so you ever think do advertising or marketing bye social media platform that is called social media marketing.


So, the question comes in mind of every people that marketing is possible by the method of social media so the answer is yes we can do marketing buy Facebook Instagram and Twitter.


Marketing means to promote their brand show their brand people and social media as a blood flatform to do this because many people see daily life and most of the time standard social media and talent time in every house minimum one people new smartphones and in their smartphone WhatsApp, Instagram or facebook.


So, in my opinion, you don’t find any other platform better than social media.


Present time social media is a powerful platform for any business and you can grow your business very fast by using social media platforms by advertising ads on it.


Present time social media powerful platform for your businessKohl’s customer interacts with your brain and you also want to date returning market so you can use your social media marketing home-like Facebook Instagram or twitter to increase the awareness of your brand.


If you will use your social media account in the proper manner you have successful increase your brand value traffic and many other things.


As like other companies you can promote your blog’s engagement with your reader you can increase the brand value of your blog posts. By social media you can interact with people and solve their problems social media is a good platform to share a blog post or do advertisements.


So without wasting any time let’s start it.


What is Social Media Marketing?


social media marketing


Social media marketing is a form of internet marketing that we can create and share thousands of articles and blogs.

In social media marketing, there are a lot of things like posting text videos files and write unique content that engages with people come on your site and interact with them to increase your ORM.

Why social media marketers apply strategies to promote their content and hello many social network users to provide their detail geographic personal details and where are they work all their personal life details.


Marketer made their content that is user-friendly internet audience is more segmented that’s why company easily target their focus audience.


So you can use your social marketing strategies to attract your audience and make engagement with them.


So by that day some dancers that you are your audience your people come on your site take action and buy a product or share your content.


so if you use social media marketing in the right manner so you can easily spread brand awareness and richest to the maximum people and make more engagement.


What are social media laws?


We all know about social media knows very well but I will like these things below you can understand it and read it if you don’t know any law about social media.



  1. The law of listening:


If you want to get higher reach on social media or content marketing so for that you have to analyze your target audience and analyze their content and take part in that type of discussion your audience or people want by that you can become a good content creator and add value in it.



  1. The law of focus :

You have to put full focus on your blog because if you are put the focus on many different things you become never successful so you have to focus on good content and reach to the maximum people.



  1. The law of quality :

Quality is always better than quantity so it is better to have more than 1000 online connections that connection in that type of people room read your content and share it and not like this if you are 10,000 connection one stay connected with your website then next time that doesn’t come on your website and connect that is put bad impression.



  1. The law of patience :

Result of social media doesn’t come in in one day or one night you have to keep patience and work hard it takes time to get the result so keep going in it.


  1. The law of compunding:

The fundamental of compounding is work until you will get the best results if we publish good or any quality content that people will come and read our article and this will get traffic to our website that will help you increase your DA and helps in future.


  1. The law of influence :

Always you have to find an influencer who has high demand in the market and take interest in your products and services. So you have to connect with this type of peoples and in future create a good Bond with them that create profit in your business.


  1. The law of value :

If you share your products post on social media every time so it decreases the value of your product in your audience and those people who see your ads.

so you have to concentrate on your content is given more value to your website blog or ads.


  1. The law of Acknowledgment:

Suppose in person come and meet you do you can’t ignore them. Same as if you are talking to a person online don’t ignore that person if you are doing good work and connect with them so there is a trust build on your website and also so on your service.


  1. The law of Accessibility:

If you  publish an article then present at that time sometimes people published an article and become invisible that means you have to publish consistency content reply all comments in your comment box that create it and engagement and trust factor on you so you can find new problems and suggestions and review about your articles this is a good idea to become productive.


  1. The law of reciprocity:

After publishing content you have to share one another content on social media and another platform so there is understanding grow between you and your partner that becomes hell phone for you in the future.


Social media marketing helps you to reach your marketing goals :


marketing strategy


  • By this, your website traffic is increasing.


  • This can help you to make Bond with other people and help up to talk with them and make you productive.


  • By this, you can increase your brand awareness and by this many other people know about you and your website.


  • Buy this makes a particular brand identity for you and also make a brand association for you.


  • By this, you can easily interact with your audience that is helpful in your brand value.


The more you to get engaged with your audience the more you grow in social media marketing to reach your goal.


Best social media marketing tips:

Are you ready to know what is social media marketing so without wasting time let’s start it:

So I even about that content planning is important for social media. we find many keywords from keyword research and competitive research and audience also like that


  1. Great social content:

In social media your content is like a heart it is always on top and people always ask for new content unique content and always up to date content show by putting a good content you also put images videos audios infographics in your content that attracts more people to read your content and reach to more engagement.


  1. Consistent brand image:

You can spread your brand image everywhere you want so you have to take care that your brand is always connected with a unique image these people trust on you.


  1. Social media for content promotion :

Social media is an excellent platform to reach your content blog post images and photos too many peoples if you get some good flowers you can share your new content with the show by this slowly your followers will increase from time to time.


  1. Sharing curated links:

The use of social media for marketing is a good thing. So by that, you will gain flowers slowly if you think ok that some link will help your followers so you have to share the link so that it is user-friendly and sometimes you use also share your content as a post so that is helpful for you social media marketing.


  1. Tracking competitors:

You have to analyze your competitor moves carefully so bad that you will get good data that helps you in your keyword analysis so you can search what technique your competitors apply I and buy that you also apply that technique but you will have to do better to get a from them.


Social media platforms:


social media platform



When we see there are so many social media platforms by demanding of people many social media platforms have created and people use them at the present time. From social media platforms like Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest and Tumblr so how can we find which platform is better for social media marketing.


How to find the social media marketing platform:


So I have told above that there are so many social media platforms in the world so how can we find the best social media platform for social media marketing.


Every social media platform have their own requirement so we have to make different strategies for different platforms.


Use of Facebook for social media marketing:


So, Facebook is a platform where people came to get relax and chat with their friends and many other people so we have to make our tone lightly and friendly.

We have to give careful attention from the Facebook business fan page that layout section and in that competitor’s section this is so because then a person comes to the fan page hit a positive vibe and shares it with your family and their friends.


Use of Google+ in social media marketing:

Now Google+ is the biggest competitor of Facebook but it doesn’t like Facebook diversify. In this, you have to work on a particular niche. This is a note for all people there are some communities that are active on Google+. You can add photos of videos and links in Google +. In this, you will get a facility that you also make your follower segments. By this, you can share good information with them.

Like you have provided Hangouts for connecting and talk with you are followers.


Use of Pinterest in social media marketing:

                                                                                  Pinterest is a very fast-growing social marketing network this is an image-centered platform. That is made by retail as an ideal.  But you can use and generate leads with Pinterest. Printers allow other businesses to take it in front of people with the help of eye-catching and unique pinboard you can raise your brand personality. Aishwarya Ali wants to use Pinterest then keep in mind that in the social media network primary audience is female.


The Use of Twitter in social media marketing:

Twitter social media marketing by that you can broadcast your update on the web. You have to broadcast your twits in your field. If any person like you to tweet don’t forget to retweet it. And answer your audience what comment and tweet on your tweet.


Use of LinkedIn in social media marketing:

LinkedIn is different from other social media marketing platform this is a professional platform. In LinkedIn, you will find many people related to one industry and the same mentality level. In this, you have to excite your customers to share your profile with other people.

you have to answer the questions in the question-answer section of the LinkedIn platform.


Use of YouTube social media marketing:

All you know that video is better than text and audio and attracts more people. There are a lot of companies we just make a video to get them viral buy this that doesn’t get viral and doesn’t get any views.

Because people need good content so you have to make good content people want knowledge of good content to gives them knowledge.


Advantages of social network marketing:


advantage of smm




Here you didn’t have to pay money like other social media platforms. Doesn’t have to get money for you can provide new information and update to your users totally free.


2. Engage with your audience:


The social network allows the business to interact with the audience and hanging Minecraft server Sarasota destroyed Minecraft game Entergy game that puppy game is Allison tractor game and defiance of India.


Disadvantages of social media network:





1 Time:


The main problem of social marketing network is it takes so much time to expand your business. Social media marketing is not like campaign one-shot affairs. They have to nurture time by time.


Big companies have extra manpower so that they can use that power in their promotion. But for short companies that are like a challenge.


2. Direct advertising doesn’t work on social media:


Always business sells their product by using social media by this people desert attack with your company you have to create an attractive ad to attract the people. And ads target your specific people to get a better result and that helps you to get higher sales.




On the base of the social media community, we have to keep in mind the risks we take. Negative posting of your customer and anyone of your employee destroys your business and take your business down like one side of social media marketing is good and another side of social media marketing is like a devil.


So by this social media marketing management business expand their business online and reach to many people if we know what our customer wants what we really give to them and what response came from customer or people so by this we can easily manage our add system and productivity or ORM of our business or company.

Conclusion :


So I hope I have given you the full information of what is social media and I hope you understand all of this feel like our article article to keep sharing with your friends family and your neighbourhood if you have any inquiry or question you can plan put in comment box so I get an idea what your problem is social media marketing or anything you want to know no this is your website everything you want I will right on that topic.


Thank you so you can read more articles and you can go also up and take a tour of our many articles.