Samsung Note 10+ Price,Features,Functions or Worth buying in 2019

Everyone is talking about Samsung 10+ Sohar on today we discussing all complete features or function about Samsung note 10+

This phone, Samsung provide aura color that is not in Like other Samsung phones and having shining looks  you will find 25 vote supercharger but phone will also good 45 vote charging support OTG transfer data transfer and many more uses of that thing you will find that inbox you will also find a C2C cable and AC converter.

New features in Samsung note 10+ Features, Price or Functions

Most importantly you will find an earphone in that 1 kg branded earphones with  USB  connector

you didn’t find any key on the right-side button but on the left side, you will find a volume and also a power button you will also get a pan that is easy to use and user-friendly. Hope you will like the look of Samsung note 10+  or Google finds a six-inch HD plus dynamic display with O pattern.


Samsung note 10+ camera Features

  • You will find 3 camera 12 megapixel does 12 megapixel plus 16 megapixels one of the cameras is 2x zoom and other is for portrait mode.
  • In front, you will get 10-megapixel camera f 2.0.



Processor or Functions of Samsung note 10+


samsung note 10+
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  • You will get two option 256 or 512 GB storage and you will get a 4300MAh powerful battery but that is less for this biggest phone that contains 12 GB ram and so much of storage.
  • The screen you will get an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner
  • That run on Samsung one UI vision 1.5.
  •  You will get 12 GB highest ram on the phone from my opinion that the phone doesn’t hang in your life.droid 9 pie.
  • RL auto mode and Auto functions in-camera one more function in this phone is A. R. Google if you get anything on your screen that remains constant on your face buy pencil you can change features for control camera.
  • The recording you will get super study mode without shaking fingerprint scanner over face unlock both works properly and user-friendly.


If you want to buy Phone these are the Real prices given below :

  • For 256 storage is available at price 79999 rupees
  • For 512 GB space, you have to give 89999 rupees


LInk is given  below you can buy these phones from that Samsung note 10 + :

http:// http://http://http://http://


You can simply click and buy these phones From Amazon and the best thing in the price of Samsung in India or America is the same that is the good things



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