Realme 5 Pro – Price, Features and Functions or Worth buying in 2019

Today we are going to talk about the phone and tell me 5 pro and that launch today and we are going to talk about that a complete features price and everything you will get in this phone so keep in connect with us.

In present time realme beat Redmi and get on the number one place in the Indian smartphone market and here is new phone launched Realme 5 pro so what is in this new feature let’s talk about it and without wasting any time lets start it.

New Features of Realme 5 pro

You will find a new and unique look and back cover transparent and you will get these things

  • class 6 3.40 charger
  • 24 boat and cable
  • sim tray or sim pin

If you see at the back will find a crystal design or realme 5pro the coolest one realme phones and give holographic feelings and have green color in that crystal that the coolest phone of realme.

Features of Realme 5 pro



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  1. Realme 5 pro  contains 9.2 pie Android name of Chinese 4,6 and 8 GB storage option in 64 or 128 GB ram
  2. In front of realme 5 pro, you will get 6.3-inch display and  a small niche  that contains a 16-megapixel camera
    Content fast charging performance
  3. If we talk about the camera we get many options like other phones like nightscape piano slow-mo and Croma West and many different Functions and realme getting more better their camera quality time to time
  4. If we talk about the security of Realme 5 pro fingerprint scanner and face unlock user-friendly and open very fast or easily
    you will get a new feature of realme phones flash sale distance you will use your phone in a few raindrops.



The camera of Realme 5 Pro

the main thing we talk about this camera of Realme 5 pro there are

  • 4 cameras in realme 5 pro
  • Contain sensors 8 megapixels ultra-wide camera
  • 48-megapixel camera
  • 2-megapixel focus distance camera
  • 4 megapixels with flash


Realme launch is first  4 camera  smartphone and with portrait mode, there are four cameras in that phone and having a depth camera of 4 megapixels with flash and same as like fingerprint scanner behind the phone and below you will get realme branding

Realme 5pro is Available in two colors crystal green or sparkling you can buy link given below

  • Buy 4GB plus 64GB you will get 14000 rupees.
  • If you buy 6gb + 64GB that will be 16000 rupees.
  • Another model of 8GB  + 128 GB that will be 18000 rupees.

sale of Realme 5 does not come at the present time but in future, if that comes on sale  we provide a link to you if you have the hurry to buy realme 5 pro then you have to buy from Official site of REALME


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