Manjul Khattar Biography

so today we are talking about manjul khattar the real star of tik or musically.

Manjul khattar is more than 12 million followers and more than 200 million hearts We are here give you the complete life story of Manjul khattar

so, let’s start it

Biography of Manjul Khattar :


manjul khattar childhood


BIRTH OF MANJUL KHATTAR: Manjul is born on 12 July  1998. Manjul born in Gurgaon Haryana state. so he is from a middle-class family

in childhood, manjul khattar doest read so much like other children, from starting f their childhood they have a problem like other children have a focus on goals everyone decides what he wants to make but manjul doest decides what he wants to make.

Manjul khattar mind is not stable for this thing ;, when manjul khattar watch cricket he want to become a cricketer when he watch dance he wants to become a dancer when manjul khattar watch film he wants to become acter when he heard song he wants to become a singer to mind to manjul for courier is not stable everything attract it.

after passing 9th class  Manjul like acting and singing  because all above that things  Manjul choose this because he like to do acting or singing

after passing 9th class Manjul khattar  completely focus on  acting . to reach acting to many people Manjull use Instagram to show people their acting skills Manjul Khattar is acting skills is so much high.

After some time many people attached with Manjull account and starting following Manjull Khattar Instagram Account.

Many people so much impress From Manjull acting people try to copy Manjull khattar videos and content.

Life-Changing Moment  for Manjul Khattar :


manjul khattar


when manjul khattar is posting their video on social media many people tell them you have good acting skills and you have to make a video on musically. but at that time musically is not much popular.

so by audience demand, Manjul Khattar starts making videos on musically . after sometime Manjul like musically more then Instagram . and he continuously posting a video on musically.from musically Manjull show their talent to many peoples and after sometime after like his video and content hit him.

Now musically name changed to tik tok and manjul khattar is more than 12 million followers or more than 200 + hearts.

By musically his Instagram account is also so much popular by it and verified so the next article is on the love story of manjul khattar how it started and how it ends.

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