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Today we are going to talk about the top 10 India youngest entrepreneurs until 2019, The top 10 youngest entrepreneurs list is here. after searching a lot we find the best list about India’s youngest entrepreneur and here is the list you can read in this or article below entrepreneurs like Ritesh Aggarwal Oyo rooms CEO and Trishneet Arora 25  years old hacker or Shri Laxmi Suresh girls entrepreneur.

Top 10 India’s Youngest Entrepreneur List


Ritesh Agarwal


ritesh Aggarwal



Ritesh Agarwal IIT India’s youngest entrepreneur panel and history of India please name in golden words after dropping out from college in launches the first startup and he gets unique idea to give money to hotels hand take partnership with them and his company name is for you and in starting he developed Oyo rooms when he started he begin with only 11 rooms in Gurgaon Haryana. Now at present time as on 65000 room and 5500 property in all India and all your rooms spread through worldwide and now he takes to return is share at many people invest give two billion dollars to their investors because he knows that his company in future also make big brand old created space like for work for reading books and libraries and rising created the workspace.



Trishneet Arora


trishneet arora
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At the age of 25 trishneet Arora is also in the list of India’s youngest entrepreneur any self describe friendly hacker and founder of  TAC Security solution and he gets funding from Mr. Vijay Kedia supporter from former VP of IBM. In my 2019 Krishan Arora was listed among the 50 most influential young Indians today magazine published on August 25th, 2019 and proclaimed edition Arora day.



Sri Lakshmi Suresh


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And here is a female in this list name Sri Lakshmi Suresh listed in India’s youngest entrepreneur list is the youngest Web designer and SEO in the world and many e national international award give to her. She started at the age of 10 established with a design which is now a web design company that was our for SEO web designing and another web is it, Felix, she Lakshmi had developed over 1,000 websites for organization or institution across India.


Akhilendra Sahu


akhilendra sahu
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Akhilendra Sahu transfer list in jungle Enterprise at the age of 17 Shailendra Sahu is a founder and CEO of a s t an n t technologies Private limited and technical next technologies.this company provide digital marketing website development and development SEO service technical service and many services at akhilendra have many sub-brands like APP published on Google play Akhil Indira write number 1 web designer in Madhya Pradesh in India  India’s youngest entrepreneur .


King Sidharth


india's youngest entreprenure
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King Siddhartha listed in India’s youngest entrepreneurs his popular photo with designs in Australian visa like a speaker on motivational speaker that take event in colleges for many functions Siddharth live shows principle dropout from college internet stop learning in life while at the time of studying School 11 at 11-year-old King Siddharth was creative and confident about Indian trust started events in his local areas and also tickets to attend them.



Kavita Shukla


kavita shukla
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Kavita should also be listed in India’s youngest entrepreneurs and company CEO of fenugreek at the age of 12 Kavita Shukla digital India there hi drink spy city on grandmother home and she finds that a cup of tea protect various diseases that can be cured of tap water then she research for many years trip on water 2000 and kitchen spices mix in them secret lot of hard work to get success. India’s youngest entrepreneur.



Shravan and Sanjay Kumaran


india's youngest enteruperns


Shravan and Sanjay Kumaran to young brother also excellent and age of 70 and 15 years respectively becoming the youngest upcoming entrepreneurs of India Dev created a company and company aims to develop a simple technological solution for this world they both are youngest mobile death lepers in India. The brother response by Singh reading books and solving the problem given to them they are developing an application for Android welfare Apple iOS as well.



Tilak Mehta


India's youngest entrepreneurs
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Laxmi Mata ki Rai small 13 year old boy owner of company papers and parcel started company for passing parcels used idea getting small skin mine started his work in Mumbai it find the problem when someone has to deliver 1 to another side they have to charge 1000 many rupees but he created a hundred people team and put into that circle that if asking the parcels to one another that contain less time and less expensive we are also getting rope with dabbawalas hail distributions and in future they have to take it to phone national level.



Arjun Rai


India's youngest entrepreneurs
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Battery many people play video games that are he created acquired sales event and earn his first earning every people have their own interest and others listen their elder thinking level in normal and those people are also gain up to do something India’s youngest entrepreneur.



Advait Thakur


india's youngest entrepreneur
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Vivek Thakur a 16 year old boy also listed in India’s youngest entrepreneurs to start using computer at the age of 6 and make a website at the age of 9 and now at that time he has been working with Google crowd proforma for a couple of year verdant Thakur is Indian person in the founder of Apex Infosys India and currently e it is chief executive officer is get certified from Google being or hotspot professionally rank 4th in wiki youngest entry entrepreneurs Indian 2019 at the year 2015 I found his company in name is company at Infosys in India which I like GoDaddy and like domain name registration organization that provide diesel solutions and it is also in old artificial intelligence learning and IoT sector that is a big thing and in future Avida Avida Thakur printed a lot of thing.

Top 10 Indian entrepreneurs 2019

Here is the list of youngest of best entrepreneurs of India including Tilak Mehta Ritesh Aggarwal and many others keep in connect with our website there are many youngest entrepreneurs in India and in future hope so world youngest entrepreneurs also come from that and post and definitely that will be one of the countries of entrepreneurs of our country like we have Ritesh Aggarwal and he will be the future youngest billionaire also his company Oyo in future be the best brand  keep in connect with our website and sharing the more you want


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