India’s youngest Digital marketing Influencer-2019


India’s youngest Digital marketing Influencer-2019


 After alot of research now we are talking about India’s youngest Digital marketing influencer And all of you also want to know who is the youngest digital marketing independence of India and answer is Manish Singh is the younger retail marketing influencer of India he has own company ZZED MEDIA and at the age of 20 on the title of younger digital marketing influencer of India.He make a profit of 200,000$ in just 1 year  and  now is he is  is 21 years old at the age of 20 years he  earn this hughe amout of money on their hard work .


Hope so in future Manish singh Has his own brand or name in the Digital marketing field in future i hope so their bran zee  media goes to no.1 the idea of ZZED media  and collabrates with many big brands in the age of 20 is a big thing so from our side we give best wishes to manish singh for their future and for his company ZZED media.



Google featured Manish Singh as the Person Youngest Digital Influencer in world.


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source by google



He is working with most leading over famous brands in India like Sony India ,mitushibushi, Hyundai ,sangram Singh, T-Series, badshah as well as in world wide.India also collaboration with Drake hot money studio situated in London and many more.


Manish Singh feel that India doesn’t see the power of online marketing Manish Singh jump early into this business feel more people become aware reduce online benefit in future this online marketing even group bigger adn bigger well says sir 👏. at early age manish singh know the power of digital marketing and we hope so that manish singh make our india proud and become a successful digital marketer in the world .





Manish Singh say that half of world population use online as entertainment platform there are so many platform like you to Instagram Facebook there are more usable than television or radio that means online create and ocean opportunities for brand marketers create a platform to Promote brand which is more people and building a right strategy using the right digital platform and face.


I sing also say that in this competitive world we don’t have to work hard you have to work smart to sell your product and make a mark in this digital world like as he do we make a market youngest digital marketing influencer India world Digital marketing is weight reach people and hi Tulsi media platform choosing Anish like media and idea in this field giving this best opportunity to him.



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