How to improve your search engine rankings in 2020

In this article, I am gonna tell you how you can improve your website ranking on search engines significantly.

It is quite frustrating to see your website ranking on the bottom of the page even after all of your efforts. I have experienced the same. It can sometimes feel like Google hates your website, and doesn’t want you to get ranked, but that’s not the truth.

Well, according to the research, the first page of your website received 95%more traffic, then all of your other pages, that’s why you have to try to make that page as good as you can.

If this all sounds familiar to you, then you are here at the right place.

Here I will be explaining the simple and straightforward tips by which you will be able to improve your rankings.

Let’s start with the basic, that is Search Engine Optimising. This process is used to accumulate the techniques and strategies used to increase the no. of visitors to a website.

1.Search Engine Optimisation

There are two types of SEO, that are On-Page SEO, and Off-Page SEO. Let’s define what exactly is On-Page SEO, it is the practice of optimizing the individual pages of a Website to get more relevant traffic. The few tricks which can you use to do your on-page SEO are starting your page or article with your focus or title keyword. You can add the same in the meta description. An inappropriate keyword can decrease your ranking from your competitors.

To find the right keywords, you can have a bit of research through various keyword finders such as Google Adsense Keyword Finder, Keywords Everywhere, Neil Patel keyword research tool, etc. 

The second thing you can do is to make long-form of content, which means you should create articles having a minimum of 1800 words. The analysis of google search pages rankings states that long form of content gets high traffic as compared to the short form of content. Well, this completely depends upon your industry, but I will suggest you make your articles as long as possible.

Let’s come to Off-Page SEO, as you might have guessed, this indicates to all those factors that are outside your page. this includes factors such as the no of backlinks your website has, your page speed, broken link validation, user protection, and other things.

2. Add related keywords

It is advised that you should drop your main keyword in the first 100 words of the content. And after that, you will need to find the related keywords of your content. Make sure you put your article title in your tags section. And to find out the best-related keywords, you can various search engine tools that are available. But your main focus should remain on your focus keyword, and so the topic should all be focused on that keyword

For some websites, there can be an issue of technical SEO too. But it is not that much common so you don’t need to worry much about that. 


3. Mobile Device Optimisation

Mobile devices are the biggest source of traffic for any website these days. And what is important is that your website should be optimized for mobile users. Many websites don’t work good on Mobile, that’s why Mobile device users just bounce back and the website traffic value gets down. For that if you are having a WordPress website, you can what is called, AMP ( Accelerated Mobile Pages) Plugin, it is available and compatible for all WordPress websites, and can help you to optimize your pages for faster loading.

4. Track and measure your traffic

Now, let’s find out the metrics so that we can identify the right methods to increase your traffic. Here are the few things which you can try and find out, Organic traffic is the traffic gained by search engine results. You can check this metric to find how your keywords, pages, and categories are performing. A very famous tool for analysis is Google Analytics, it can provide you with all kinds of metrics for your website. Organic traffic is the biggest source of conversion for most of the businesses online. 

the next thing you can research for is your keyword metric, that how your keywords are performing, and they can find and change them with high potential other keywords.

5. Social Media Presence

Even if you have an online website for your business, a Social Media Presence still becomes a must for your business. It really helps to get better rankings on the search engine results page. And you can do it easily y establishing accounts on the main sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

I hope that these tips will help you to get better rankings for your business. and stay tuned with us for more content, subscribe to digiblog