How to Grow long hair Fast

Do you also want such long, thick, beautiful hair that upon seeing people stop their steps and they cannot live without being praised? Many people dream of long, waving hair but do not know how they can be found. Many of us do not know that the things we put in our bodies also have an effect on our hair. By adopting a good hair care routine, hair loss can be prevented before prolonging it. Learn how to get long hair quickly through this article. Using these methods also makes hair healthy and thick.these are These methods are given below from that you can easily grow long hairs.

Tips to Grow your hair fast

Change the way you wash your hair:

Some factories, such as how often you wash your hair and the temperature of the water used, affect the length of your hair because washing hair multiple times (assume that everyday hair Washing) and using too much hot water causes hair to become dry and weakened, which causes hair to break and the hair to become long and thick. Then what is the solution? The solution is to not wash your hair more than three times a week and wash your hair with cold water that you can tolerate.

  • Washing the hair very often makes the hair look slightly greasy or oily. Wear a hat for a few days until your scalp produces less oil and let things be balanced. But this should not be done for a long time.
  • If you do not like taking a cold water shower, then wash your hair with cold water in a sink separate from your regular shower. When you take a shower, cover your hair with a shower cap.


Dry your hair slowly:

Do you also dry your hair with a towel, brush it in wet hair, dry it and blow-dry? So understand well that by doing this you break your hair! There is no question that the hair will be long and strong because you handle wet hair very badly. Think that your hair is a fabric made of good fabric that you will not put in the dryer but will carefully dry in the air. Do the same treatment with your hair. After washing the hair, pat it gently with a towel and let it dry in the air.

  • Do not brush your hair when it is wet. This pulls wet hair and breaks it quicker than dry hair. If you have to unravel the hair, then slowly use your fingers and a wide-toothed comb to sort out the mess.
  • Do not blow-dry your hair on special occasions. Blow-dry really causes many hair loss in the form of hair breakage, roughness and bifurcation and they cannot be repaired easily and then you have to wait till new hair grows.


Do not use harsh chemicals on hair:

The shampoo and conditioner you use can contribute to reducing hair growth. Sulfate is found in many commercial shampoos that remove natural oils from your hair, causing hair loss. The silicones found in the conditioner add a chemical layer to the hair which needs a strong shampoo to wash off. This type of cycle really causes hair loss. Below is what you can do instead:

  • Finally, wash your hair one last time with a strong shampoo to remove the remaining silicon. This time do not apply conditioner, just gently unravel the hair and let it air dry.
  • Give your hair a break for a few days, that is, do not do anything with them – do not wash them, do not straighten or even use any products.
  • Next time use a natural shampoo to wash hair. Read the label and use a shampoo that contains only natural oils and other cleaners, no chemicals. Do not use shampoo if you want, wash hair without shampoo.
  • Use diluted Apple Cider Vinegar with conditioner. It works really well and after drying it won’t smell of vinegar. For a deep-conditioning treatment, use coconut oil. You should not at all turn to the chemical-rich products you used earlier.


Use all-natural hair styling techniques and products:

In a similar fashion, use more gentle methods to groom your hair. Reduce the use of heating tools such as curling iron, straighteners and hair dryers. Instead of chemical-rich hair sprays and gels, use their natural versions. This gives your hair a chance to become long, strong and it automatically gets a beautiful and attractive texture.these are some methods are given below from that you can easily grow long hairs.

  • You can make your own hair gel without any harmful ingredients.
  • Instead of using commonly available products to smooth curly and lifeless hair, apply a little bit of argan oil to the hair.
  • Try to use natural methods to curl your hair naturally without heat or to straighten.


Apply a hair mask to your hair once every two weeks:

This will help repair the damage caused by the release of moisture from your hair. After using it, your hair will feel soft, soft and healthy and growing hair will remain healthy for a long time.

  • Use a warm oil mask with coconut and almond oil, in which coconut oil has high penetrability and deep conditioning power, while almond oil gives extra shine to weak dry hair. Massage your hair with this oil and wear a shower cap. Heat the cap over this cap for about 10 minutes and then remove the cap and wash the hair. Alternatively, apply a hair mask and make a braid of hair and then comb them and wear a shower cap over it. Keep your hair braid day and night for at least three months and see that your hair will grow 1-3 inches more than normal growth.
  • You can also use warm olive oil, cinnamon, and honey, which makes your hair lighter like conditioned hair.


Protect your hair from external damage:

When you are going to spend a long time in the sun, swimming in chlorinated water or going to a place with high air pollution, cover your hair first. Repeated exposure to these ingredients can damage your hair, so tie the hair with a scarf, wear a hat or swim cap, and keep in mind that after adopting proper hair washing methods to keep the hair healthy Dry your hair properly.


Eat healthily and take hair-raising supplements

belly fat loose


  1. Take as much protein as possible. Protein is the cornerstone of your hair and to make your hair long, shiny and healthy, you need it in plenty. Eating more protein does not mean that you eat meat on meat, but it means that the majority of your food should consist of protein.
  • If you like eating meat, enjoy chicken, fish and other types of meat. A large amount of protein is also found in eggs and some types of cheese.
  • Protein is also found in beans and other beans, nuts and green leafy vegetables such as spinach. If you are a vegetarian, you can take them.


2. Eat Omega-3 Fatty Acids:

These “good” fats contribute to keeping hair and skin healthy and flaky. They are found in many delicious foods such as avocado, nuts, salmon fish, flaxseed oil and more. If you want to take extra doses of omega-3, then fish oil supplements can also be taken.


3.Drink enough water:

If you remain dehydrated, then this dehydration will also be seen in your hair. Your hair will become dry, lifeless, and you will lose more. This means that water is an easy and completely necessary part of growing long hair. And with this, you will be able to see the difference in your hair in no time.

  • Keep a water bottle with you and make it your goal to drink at least 2-3 liters of water a day.
  • You can also drink herbal tea or flavored water if you have trouble drinking excessive amounts of plain water.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol and do not drink too much soda.


4. Take hair growth supplements:

It is believed that certain types of supplements stimulate hair growth and make hair grow over time. It does not provide immediate benefits, but if you start taking supplements, you can see improvement in your hair growth in a few weeks or months. Take these supplements to see if they are working on you or not:

  • Biotin: This is a popular hair growth supplement.  It is often taken by pregnant women to provide adequate nutrition to their future baby, but you can take them even if you are not pregnant.
  • Atlantic cedar oil: This is a supplement that can be applied directly to the scalp to stimulate hair growth.  Argan oil also works like this.
  • Beta-sitosterol: It is a plant and seed substance that can accelerate hair growth.


3. Follow hair extensions and other quick hair methods


  1. Get clip-in extensions: This is probably the fastest option to grow hair. Go to a beauty supply store and get an extension that matches your hair color and texture. Clip them inside the top layer of your hair, very close to your scalp so that it will blend well into the hair. these are some methods are given below from that you can easily grow long hairs.
  • Attach enough similar clips around the hair so that one side of the hair does not look thicker than the other.
  • You can also apply a clip made of plastic, a clip made of real human hair and a clip made of other substances.


2. Get a weave or extension from a professional on the saloon. This is a more expensive and more permanent form of extension. Extensions or faux hair made from real human hair are clipped or sewn to your hair or scalp. This is a popular method used by celebrities to immediately lengthen their hair.

  • It is very important that you go to a salon technician who knows what to do. Do not get hair extensions or weaves from a beginner otherwise, pain can be painful and hair fall.
  • If you are highly skilled or skilled then just try your hair extensions but if you are not so skilled then do not do it otherwise you can damage your hair in the process.


3. Try a wig:

Do you want to make your hair look longer immediately? So why have you tried a wig yet? You can use the hair of all kinds of colors and textures with a wig, and the best part is that you can get the hair of your desired length. Go to a wig store and with the help of the representative there, choose a wig that looks good according to your color and facial features. You can also get your wig cut and styled if you want.


Keep your hair healthy by making changes in your lifestyle

lifestyle hair grow

1. Trim your hair once every three months. If you are trying to trim your hair, you may not like to get a haircut but damaged hair needs to be cut a little otherwise your long hair is a straw.


2) Massage your scalp with fingers for better blood circulation. Massage the scalp for about 5–10 minutes to increase blood flow to that location. Increasing blood flow means that the number of nutrients transmitted by blood will also increase at that place, which will increase hair growth. Massaging lavender oil (pure essential oil) on a scalp every day except every other day is also considered beneficial in stimulating hair growth.these are some methods are given below from that you can easily grow long hairs.

  • By doing normal exercise, blood flow will increase in your head as well as blood flow throughout your body.
  • Dry brushing your body is another great way to increase blood circulation.


3)Reduce stress: Along with hair loss due to stress, their growth rate also decreases. If you are struggling with stress, then do yoga or other types of exercise so that stress can be removed.


4)Get enough sleep: Eight hours of sleep is necessary. Your body grows and repairs hair at bedtime. If you do not get enough sleep, then your body will not get enough time for hair growth.

Advice to grow hairs fas naturally

  • Do not brush on wet hair, otherwise it can cause hair breakage and unnecessary split hairs, so instead, you use a wide-toothed comb.
  • Avoid dyeing your hair, using harsh chemicals, pulling hair/combing backward, drawing blows and using hot tools.
  • Do not make any hairstyle very tight. This can cause your hair to break a lot and not grow quickly.
  • Always use a wide-toothed comb to prevent hair from breaking or breaking.
  • Do not comb hair too harshly as it can break hair.
  • Do not wash hair every day.
  • Do not comb your hair harshly, otherwise, the hair will break. It is good to cut the dead ends of the hair, which are usually seen at the ends or bottom of the hair.
  • Eat healthily. This is a very important thing and it helps a lot to grow hair.
  • The average rate of hair growth every 12 months is 6 inches or one centimeter. By following all the things mentioned above, the risk of hair breakage and loss can be reduced and thus these extra one centimeter enlarged hair can be avoided by cutting on the saloon.
  • If it is summer and you have to go somewhere, then use a heat protector as the sun can damage your hair.
  • Apply argan oil to your hair. This makes your hair grow faster.
  • To prevent breakage and breakage of hair, sleep on a silk pillow.
  • Try to cover the hair with fashionable hats or any other hair accessory, so that harmful rays of the sun can be avoided without deteriorating, so do not spoil your hair.
  • If you have to brush in wet hair, then brush only the lower ends of the hair.
  • Do not wash your hair frequently. Washing once or twice a week is enough.
  • Try avocado, it is really beneficial.
  • To keep your hair healthy and smooth, wash your hair every other day.


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