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Buy Fossil Watches Online: Looking for watches is something that men just as ladies love. What’s more, no, gifting yourself a costly watch from perhaps the best brand isn’t something you should feel awful about. Without a doubt, you merit another and sharp watch from the most recent assortment of Fossil watches that you will go over while you are perusing through watches on internet shopping locales.

Along these lines, if it’s been quite a while since you got yourself another watch, it is time you took a gander at the most recent plans of Fossil watches on the web buy the best Smartwatches online  Specialty Fossil Gen 5 is one the Best Version of Fossil Watches If you Want to Buy this Online Then This is the Best Place for you.

Fossil Gen 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Smartwatch Price, Product, Review – Fossil Smartwatch Buy Online




American fashion brand Fossil launched its latest smartwatch lineup in India in December last year. During this time the company launched its 7 new touchscreen smartwatches. fossil smartwatch gen 5 During this time, the company also launched its Fossil Gen 4 smartwatch. The company launched it with the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 platform. Its price has been kept at Rs 21,995 in India. We have used this smartwatch (device name-K719) for a long time and now we are sending its review to you.

Display, Design and Build Quality Of Fossil Watch :

The variant that has been sent to us for review is the smokey gray color variant. Talking about its look, as soon as you take it out of the box, you will get an idea of ​​the premium quality of this watch. fossil smartwatch for men That is, the kind of stainless steel used and finishing have been given, fossil smart watches buy online and it will give you the feeling of being premium. Especially because Fossil is a designer brand even before it was a tech brand. In such a situation, fossil smartwatch review get here you can also trust the look of the watch.

If We Talking about built quality, this watch will not bother you while wearing it from anywhere. Especially where the side buttons are given on the right side, they also do not pinch you when your hands are turned.  fossil smart watches buy online and There are three side buttons here that you can use. There are also sensors on the backside of the watch.


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Let’s move on and Talk about the screen of the watch, it is quite bright and the touch is also very smooth. You will find the screen use right here and will not be too big while wearing the dial. You can also set the brightness according to your convenience. fossil smartwatch for women You can also change the look of the display i.e. dial by changing the face of this watch.  fossil smartwatch for men Here you will find many patterns and designs.or fossil smartwatch review get here

Regardless of whether it is a watch for ordinary wear or jazzy games watches that you are searching for, fossil smartwatch for men and  Fossil has a scope of them that you can peruse through on the web. Look at the costs and highlights of various Fossil watches on the web and discover a watch that you feel is best for you.

Connection in  Fossil Watch:

To connect this watch, you need to download the app for Wear OS from the Play Store. After this, the new watch has to be started and connected to this app. If there is a problem connecting, then you check your Bluetooth once and if there is any problem after that, then go to Settings> System and restart the watch.and get the best new fossil smartwatch free.


Fossil Watch Features

Here we will talk about the meaning of performance. Here we will talk about all aspects of the software, hardware including its features and the way of use. First of all, its features and connectivity options, it has the support of GPS, Wi-Fi, and NFC in addition to Bluetooth. Talking about the special features, it is swim-proof and has a heart rate tracking feature. Also, because of being a smartwatch here, you will get the feature of Google FIT exclusively. Apart from this, features like play store, app notifications, translator, reminder, stopwatch, timer, alarm, contact, and flashlight will also be available. With the flashlight feature, the screen of the watch can be used as a flashlight in the dark.

All these features are separate controls from both smartwatches and smartphones. Google Assistant has also been supported here. Talking about some more remaining features, here is the option of direct contact access and find my phone. Among these features, the special Find My Phone will definitely work when you have forgotten to put your phone somewhere. Here, by tapping only one button, even if your phone is in silent mode, it will start ringing. As far as contact is concerned, you can search and call contacts from the watch itself.

Fossil Watches For Women 

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Talking about app notifications, here you can also read and read messages from a chat app like WhatsApp. On the other hand, if you talk about the three side buttons present here, you can customize them. The middle one, however, launches the app drawer on a single click and activates the Google Assistant by holding it. The special thing about this watch is that the microphone is also present in it, so it also takes voice command for an assistant.

Due to the GPS present in it, you can leave the phone at home and it will store the data of your workouts on Google Fit. fossil smartwatch for women Also, 4GB of inbuilt storage is provided in this smartwatch. With the help of this, you can buy Fossil Smartwatches or watches online  or you can also store some songs here, after which leaving the smartwatch at home, you can also listen to the songs during workouts with the help of Bluetooth earphones. and get the fossil watches women or Fossil Watches for men.

If Talking of the wear OS present in the watch, the watch received several updates after it was given for review. After the final update, we used it with the H system version on Wear OS version 2.3. Also, there was a security patch on February 1, 2019.  fossil watches buy online Talking about the software overall, there is some problem regarding net connectivity. Secondly, you cannot do all the work through this watch, you have to depend on the smartphone or you can buy Fossil Smartwatches or watches online.


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The design of the OS is quite easy to watch. That is, when you swipe upwards, you will see all the notifications, on the lower side you will get much information including general settings, time, weather, navigation and quotes from left to right. fossil smartwatch for women At the same time, you will get Google Fit data by swiping from right to left. Talking about Google Fit, here you will get features related to all the fitness-related tasks, challenges, and many sports. The always-on display is also given in the better watch. Also, you can lock its screen.

Talking about the hardware, it is based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 platform. While Qualcomm has also announced the new Platform 3100, we had to face some problems here. fossil smartwatch gen 5  Many times we felt very lagged while taking net connectivity from the hotspot, fossil smart watches buy online or while accessing or downloading an app. Apart from this, the watch also crashed completely. In this case, there is a great need to improve it.

Get yourself an upscale Fossil watch from the most recent assortment of tans, treated steel and dark cowhide watches that you can browse. The assortment likewise incorporates a scope of sports watches with a la mode and eye-getting dials, some of them tinted in polished shades like strong blue to make you look cool on your next excursion. you can buy Fossil Smartwatches or watches online The assortment likewise incorporates a scope of tasteful and formal looking men wrist watches that you can peruse through on the off chance that you are searching for something that you can lash on while you head to work. The assortment of Pilot watches from Fossil is the thing that you are going to cherish here.


Best battery Life Smart Watch :

You Know The most week point is the battery of this watch. You will get only 1-day battery here. This can be further reduced by using more. If you want, you can turn on the power saver, but after this, you will be able to see only the time on the watch. Initially, the battery condition was worse, but after some updates, the situation was corrected. you can buy Fossil Smartwatches or watches online One of the positive points of the battery is that fast charging has been given in it, which is really amazing. On the rest of the OS, you can see the timing and use of the battery.

We also called the battery disappointing because Huawei has recently launched a smartwatch with a battery for less than a week. In such a situation, where the rest of the companies are giving two weeks of battery, it is very disappointing to fossil smartwatch for women have only one day or even less battery.

Decision To Buy Fossil Gen watches is Right or wrong 

Now the question is, do you buy it? If you want a waterproof smartwatch that also works for your fitness tracking and which is quite stylish, then you can buy it. But if you want more powerful performance and top-class battery backup than a stylish look, then I will not refer you.

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