Faisu Khan Complete Biography

So today we are going to talk about Mr. Faisu Khan India’s largest number of fans on Tik Tok and more than 6 million followers on Instagram and also had verified account.

So basically Mr. Facebook takes care profession as a Tik Tok star in from that he gets a lot of Fame love from is a follower and people of India now are like a brand.

Who is Faisu Khan?

So, today we are going to talk about Mr. Facebook Khan biography from starting where he birth and how he made a big star from zero to hero how we travel that journey so let started it.

Mr. Faisu khan Born in Maharashtra Mumbai, 5 August 1998 is full name is Faisal shaikh but its nickname is Mr. Faiasu Khan.

Study OF Faisal shaikh (Faisu)

Study of from IES New English School Bandra Mumbai ( English medium) and is graduation is from MMK college Bandra Mumbai. From school time he has hobbies to do everything and found that thing in mostly like acting and dance so from that Mr. Faisu Khan decided that he make his acting and dance better for that  he spends the most of their time in acting and dance by support of their friends the made an account on musically now that is known as Tik Tok.

Journey Of faisu Khan on tik tok

faisu khan
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In starting Facebook Khan take Tik Tok musically as fun it but the main thing is he didn’t stop to post videos on musically on Tik Tok app he put consistency in their work and provide good value or videos to their fans.

In starting doesn’t get any support from their followers but after some time he makes videos and Shows his real talent To people who follow him and after sometime Followers or fans of Mr. faisu khan is increasing

Faisu Khan gets motivated by the video that many people posted on tik tok and after that, He decides to is post video on Tik Tok so He started to provide good content or good value to their followers.

Hard work Of Faisu Khan

Like many people wait for some people videos that When videos come and we like them

Faisu Khan want to Be like that after Sometimes he makes content videos and Provide consistently upload Videos on tik tok and that consistency in their work make a golden chance for him  and  he got more than 24 million and more than 1.1 billion likes on Tik Tok account and 6 million followers on Instagram account Faisu Khan  is brand in own world .

Faisu Khan BAnned From Tik Tok

By getting the post on tik tok he getting likes so much Faster than others  and getting more  popularity or more  likes and shares
He makes videos with his team 007 and got fired from Tik Tok that Tik Tok banned his account and but after some time tik tok unbanned his account but Faisu Khan Doest activate his account people don’t know why.

people like Him more and more but now he is posting the same content on Instagram and people give more support to him.


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