Faisu Khan Banned ! From Tik Tok WHY?

Why Mr. Faisu Khan Banned! From Tik Tok ?- 2019

Tiktok star Mr. Faisu, everyone who uses Tik Tok in India heard the name of Faisu Khan, the most popular person on Tik Tok in India who has more than 24 million followers and more than 1.1 billion hearts and this is the best place to know why tik tok banned faisu khan.

So in news, it came that tik tok Banned the most popular tik tok star Faisu Khan, their videos and remove their account from Instagram also so that’s what tik Tok does

now if you Search on tik tok you don’t find any account from name Mr Faisu Khan.

There is an FIR report filed against Mr Faisu and there team 007 . So why this FIR reported and who reported this FIR ??

So so here a question comes in mind in all of their fans why tiktok banned their account, so lets see in if tiktok unblock their account on tiktok & Instagram in future or not.

Who is Tabij Ansari?

You also heard the name of Tabij Ansari. Tabij Ansari is the person who was beaten by their village people and killed in a crime of thief but Tabij Ansari haven’t done any crime like a thief or cheat

So without any information or any proof public beated Tabij Ansari so badly that they killed him.

So public should not take law ( kanun ) in their hand .

So because of this incident Tik Tok banned Faisu Khan video. And their team made a video. Some people don’t like that video

So I will tell you but this add-in that video they posted they said in Hindi that:

“Tumne Tabij Ansari ko to maar Diya lekin baad mein uski aulad badi Ho Kar uska badla legi to ye Na khna ki har musalman aatankwadi hota hai “

Reason to Get Banned from TIK tok :


this video of the team 007 viral on tik tok and also Instagram after some time they have to delete their video and after video FIR report on Mr Faisu khan.

So because of FIR, police said that target Hindu religion in their video they also said that they have to make a correct between Hindu religion and Muslim religion so that FIR is reported successfully

So after this tik, Tok banned Mr Faisu khan account from tik tok and now your search in tik Tok their account you don’t find any account of Mr. Faisu khan

S ome time ago a video song of Mr faisu Khan come and reaching many people like or subscribers

After that YouTube company that posted their video on their channel remove their video from their channel

In India, this happen many times

But in this video Mr Faisu Khan and their team007 target specific religion Hindu religion or Muslim religion

So, friends, there is an incident in which two Muslim persons kill 4 years girl by a knife but no one makes any video on that incident

So, in my opinion, Mr faizu khan and their team didn’t make any video on religion topic.

Mr faisu khan and and his team 007 is so much popular on social media platforms like Instagram Facebook and tik tok so in my opinion that doesn’t have a need to make a video on Hindu religion or Muslim religion because India is a country in which many religious people live in so this can do effect on that

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Who is Faisu Khan and Reason Behind Banned From Tik TokĀ 

Faisu khan is one of the best or finest actor in tik tok video industry and after Ban from Tik Tok their fans get disappointed and many people goes against those things

But after sometime tik tok unbanned faisu khan after unbanned from tik tok faisu khan didn’t reactivate his tik tok account people doest know why?

People like Faisu Khan acting and his skills he is banned from Tik Tok and earn banned from the kingdom but the craze of Facebook Khan remain constant is active on Instagram and posted consistently photos or videos.

Keep posting the same type of video that he posted on Tik Tok people give more support to him and there is an advantage for Facebook Khan That people more follow him repair 24 million followers on Tik Tok and more than 6 million flowers at present time on Instagram account

In future Facebook Khan also come in Bollywood over in many movies he also shoots songs.

Faisu Khan Banned and Tik Tok Star Faisu Khan

Faisu Khan is shining Star of our India as same like Khan is king of our Bollywood as well as tik tok industry his GF Jannat Zubair in now on top in tik tok.

so people keep like share and support teju Khan hit the future of our India and hope that get our India’s to the top in acting. Same as like Hrithik Roshan. Mr.world there are many shining starts like riyaz 14 years old boy and we also write an article on his biography keep in connecting with us.

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