Face App Viral – 2019

Are you also want to know what is the face app? and how it works so this is the best place for you. face app is viral

Face App viral

In the present time, the face app doesn’t trend everybody use asap and makes fun.
Faceapp is on trending everyone from small age to older age everyone uses this asap and now it goes on trending Google no.1 app.

So the question is what is the face app and how it works.

Face app is a photo edit app that makes younger people older people and older persons to younger people. face app viral

there are so many apps like this on play store but what is the main reason that’s why this app is so much popular.
So there is so much app is on play store for face editing but this app is really e awesome it create your future pic and that looks 100% real.

How To Download Face App in your mobile Phone :

so where you have to download face app you have downloaded this app on play store it this app is now on top number one trending and hundred plus million downloads.

So to download the face app follow the steps:

1. Open play store in Android phone


Face App


2. Then search face app and you will find the result there is an image logo, no I have given below and photo of AP are given below.

face app playstore

3. After installing that app you can add selfies click selfies and edit them.

edit app


And now after installing face app there is some problem created that whenever we added the photo there is an error comes to your server down so why it is come so basically tomorrow night it the server go down and I have problem to edit my photos from face app and whenever the net internet connection is slow then there is some error come to you .

Face app error :

but there is a problem in the face have at you have to buy pro version ND for there are one or two filters that we can apply. For more filters for more hair filters for more air filter you have to buy the full version of face app.

Filters in Face App :

In the face app, there are many filters like beard filter, hair filter, beautiful filter, T Young filter old filter and some editing tools that help you in the face app face up goes of higher and higher in the future.

So, anybody who doesn’t use face app at present time, in my opinion, they have to try it and see how this is better than other editing apps and this is the future of edit apps.

The in my opinion who owns face app also creates many apps like this and makes fun of people like that app and people support every app they will launch their graphics and their realities plus. In the twin my opinion they have to launch a new app like a face app and a new retouches like Photoshop and many more.

The reason why Face App is gaining so much popularity :

The animation and the filters look like a reality when a person sees the photo that doesn’t see e any editing doesn’t look like it added by the app that looks like that person is in real life so that is the reason face happy so much popular.

Face app is easy to use and user-friendly that is also a reason that is getting so much popularity and most important factor to gain that so much popularity and gone trending is that animation and filters they have and proper do editing automatically and look like real.

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