is one of the most dangerous villains in the history of Neil Soans comic books. In the comics, cartoons, and movies of the Batman series, Joker’s horror is made. Now an entire film has been introduced on this character Joker. The film shows how a normal man goes on a path of madness and crime.

Story: Arthur Flake (Hawkin Phoenix) is extremely disappointed with his life. He lives with his ailing mother (Francis Conroy) and works part-time as a clown but earns no money. Arthur’s troubles only increase when the city becomes harder to live by. Arthur also gets into trouble in which he cannot control his laughter. Arthur wants to become a stand-up comedian and keeps writing jokes in his diary. But in the meantime, Arthur’s mental state keeps on deteriorating. Arthur slowly moves towards insanity and becomes a criminal.

Review:‘Joker’ is not an ordinary film made over a comic book villain. Director Todd Phillippe has shown the story of a man who takes himself to the extent of insanity before being shattered in personal life. Philip does not glorify Arthur’s mantle condition in the film, but rather his personal struggle that turns into arrogance over time. This arrogance leads him to hate Gotham City and crime becomes a way of living his life. The film depicts a time period of the 80s depicting a fictional city. The background music of the film is as good as the script, which will keep you restless in every scene.


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In addition to Hawkin Phoenix in the film, it is comforting to see the performance of Robert De Niro. All the actors have lived their characters well but the performance of Hawkin Phoenix cannot be compared to anyone. He has worked hard for this vigorous character of the Joker. He has lived the character from a troubled normal man to a cynical criminal. If Hockin wins the Phoenix Oscar Award for this film, it won’t be a big deal.

Why watch: If you are fond of watching a film with great performance, then don’t miss it.


Conclusion :

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