The Journey of Dinesh Jangid From Middle Class Family to a Successful entrepreneur

Real Name/Birth Name Dinesh Jangid
Nickname D.J.
Profession Digital Marketer Trainer / Consultant 
Age 28 Years (As in 2019)
Famous For CEO of HSDM, CO-founder of Edge Digital media
Date of Birth/Birthday 5 September 1992
Birthplace Jaipur(Rajasthan)
Hometown Delhi
Nationality Hindu
Zodiac Sign/Star Sign Pisces


Dinesh Jangid is a professional digital marketer with experience of more than 7 years. He was born on 5 September 1992  and He is also the founder of HSDM and Co-founder of edge digital media private limited let us know, the journey of Dinesh Jangid from his struggling life to a successful entrepreneur.

Who is Dinesh Jangid?

Dinesh Jangid is 28 years old (as in 2019) is a successful entrepreneur Founder of HSDM Or Co-founder of edge digital media private limited. he is also a professional digital marketer trainer or self-made entrepreneur Dinesh Jangid was not so much good in studies he failed in 6th standard because of his friend’s circle, after failing in 6th standard the real struggling chapter of Dinesh Jangid has started so today we are going to introduce every aspect of Dinesh Jangid’s life.

Childhood of Dinesh Jangid

Childhood of Dinesh Jangid filled with many difficulties after failing in 6th class, his parents decided to send him to hostels but after that, they take the decision to send Dinesh Jangid to grandmother’s village But then in that Village Dinesh Jangid realize the mistake of the wrong circle of his friends. when he is in the village, The people of the village beat him, taunting him that he cames from Delhi City. he has to cover a 5-kilometer distance daily e for went to school and came back from school if like school is at 8:00 a.m. then Dinesh Jangid leaves his house at 6:30 a.m.

After pass the 8th Standard from grandmother’s home, his parents send him to grannie house. where he Started against struggling with his life. he study in the light of lamp or in the light of the moon that is the one of the hardest Chapter of Dinesh Jangid life. when he is living in their grannies home there is some rules, that if you don’t get any piece of wood from the mountains then you don’t get any piece of chapati or food but Dinesh Jangid never give up to that thing.

Dinesh Jangid family

Father of Dinesh Jangid name Balbir Jangid is an electricity conductor (Thekedar) and his mother is a housewife and if we talk about the children Balbir Jangid has 4 children. Dinesh Jangid is on 2nd number so his whole family transfer from Rajasthan to Delhi is one of the struggling chapters of his family.

They live in a single room and The salary of Balbir Jangid is 6k to 8k only,  one day a heavy rain came in Delhi and the whole family doesn’t  sleep that night because of heavy rain in Delhi the water comes to their room and all the person of the family stood upon the bed all the night.

After a lot of struggle Dinesh Jangid father Balbir buy a plot in Delhi and in 2001 he made his first own house in Delhi but Dinesh Jangid hates his family because sends despite there was happening.


Education or life-changing the moment of Dinesh Jangid

Dinesh Jangid is also an engineer he completes his degree from BMIT R.T.U. (Rajasthan)   in 2010 e started his degree his father and family belong to that thing because Balbir Jangid is in the electrical department so his family & father force him to do and somehow he completes his 1st semester but by luck, he gets REE (Back) in first 1st semester and after that somehow he completed his 2nd Semester.

Life-Changing Moment of Dinesh Jangid

Dinesh Jangid


In 3rd semester of his college, he joins a content writing job to throughout his personal expenses then after some time he asked someone that we work for that person so what is the profit he gets.

That is the life-changing moment of Dinesh Jangid he learns about blogging and starts own blog name and first income he made from that blog is 750$

In his First blog, 2 to 3 lakh of traffic directly come to Dinesh Jangid website and website  of Dinesh Jangid is Crashed that is the life-changing moment of Dinesh Jangid and after that, he started learning digital marketing online he learns all the things by his own hard work that why Dinesh Jangid is a self-made an entrepreneur.


HSDM (Haryana School Of Digital Marketing) and Digital Marketing agency in Jaipur

Dinesh Jangid writing skills are too good, so he gets an invitation from Google event there he meets Rohit Kharayat and then both started the digital marketing institute in Hisar HSDM and after that, they also start the digital marketing agency in Jaipur.

So this the journey of Dinesh Jangid from  middle-class Family to a successful interpreter

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