Akhilendra sahu – Biography

Akhilendra Sahu is in the 12th standard and he is from narsinghpur Madhya Pradesh. He is one of the youngest entrepreneurs of India and he is also the founder of ASTNT technologies Private limited work of his company is a digital marketing agency and website designing company.it is the biography of Akhilendra Sahu that comes in India’s top 10 youngest entrepreneurs of 2019.

The journey of an Akhilendra Sahu

Khilendra Sahu the CEO of ASTNT technology Private limited and he is a 17 years old young entertainer taking interest in internet and YouTube at the age of 12 in the year of 2013 3 started his YouTube channel name all is here attack after some time he changed his channel name into the technical next but after some time the number of views getting decrease day by day

The business idea of Shailendra Sahu

Research on the internet how to make money and how to earn money online or how to take your business online and after that he search a lot on YouTube how to create a website or apps after that he started creating apps and websites. First started from blog sport hi write technical blogs on that again he is struggling from traffic the number of traffic on his blog post and after that, he purchased his first domain name technical next.com and he created is the first website on WordPress.

After beginning the journey of entrepreneurship make many subdomains of that website

Hard work of Akhilendra Sahu

After hard work of many years he started his company technical next in 2016 at that time he already knows how to make an app how to make a website and he becomes a digital marketer is hard work change into success after few months of that he notices is growth of business and clients then an idea camps in Akhilendra Sahu mind that he has to buy a play store app account worth rupees $25 uploaded apps on play store after uploading some apps he got some copy strike and his account is suspended then again he started struggling continuously his app banned on play store and he lost 6 accounts under six month he created more than 60 plus apps but lost them that is the hardest part of the sub but he doesn’t give up and keep struggling and keep doing work

New journey as a technical next :

after doing a lot of struggle in your life without copying any content is started his own work and technical next changes into technical next technologies in 2017 and his company become a digital marketing company or a popular website designing company

The success of Akhilendra Sahu in 2019

Didar some apps created by Akhil Indra Sahu that so much popular on Google play store

  • TNT SMM (the cheapest social media marketing services provider )
  • FCERTIFY (it gives you the free online course with certification)
  • FoodChilli (local food-delivery service)
  • HostDom (hosting or server platform)
  • NewsPortaldevelpment(News Website Maintenance services )


ASTNT Technologies private limited there to provide the best services like digital marketing, SEO, website development and now technical next is the cheapest web hosting company in India.

Future plans of Akhilendra Sahu

In the future, Akhilendra Sahu continues his work of India’s cheapest hosting providing company and they are having more than 500+ clients in future Akhilendra Sahu expand his business and open new branches in new cities he also wants to open headquarter in India or foreign country also.

Akhilendra Sahu apps on google play store

At present time Akhilendra has published more the 20+ apps on google play store.givem above and owned more then 30+ website in the present he works with more then 300 clients in their daily routine.


So, this is the article on one of India’s youngest entrepreneurs in India.

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